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The Power of Pets 🐶

The power of pets is an amazing phenomenon. I’m lying here with my second day of unrelenting gastrointestinal issues and pain from a Norovirus I certainly acquired from my two weeks of hospital and nursing home visits. 

My sister’s little Bichon/Papillon mix , Finn, knows I’m unwell and snuggles beside me with gentleness.  

Animals have that ability to sense our emotions and know when we need comfort. I think back to all the cats that comforted me through various surgeries, nesting near or mostly ON me and purring me into a healing slumber. 

 We can debate what makes the BEST pet, and we all have our preferences, but having an animal companion not only fills a void but teaches you a lot about yourself and learning selflessness. 


Dogs of course are the perfect example of unconditional love. They are always excited to serve, please and accompany you. 


You can’t help but smile anytime you see a car passing with a canine head protruding from a window. 

With the wind billowing their fur, they are soaking up every scent and aroma. Their panting grin tells you they are living their best life.


Play fetch with a dog and they will most likely go until they drop and you will be tired of throwing the ‘chuck it’ before they are ready to stop from exhaustion. 


Their joie de vivre is contagious. 


While a two way relationship with our pets requires something from us in return, I think humans GET more than we have to GIVE. 

Lacking the obvious, opposable thumbs, we need to open the door, provide them food and assist in their basic ADL’s. 


It teaches not only kids but adults what it means to care for another creature, and reciprocate love and affection. When another living being is dependent on you, we can’t help but lose some of our selfishness and learn patience. 

We have enjoyed taking my sister’s dog Finn into the nursing home- he struts his stuff proudly and the residents all come alive with excitement at a furry friend. 

When you see even the most profoundly demented patient’s facial expression change, eyes brightening and mouth turning up… you are sharing that furry love and see the energy brighten. 

Tim and I are the beating hearts occupying our home at this moment. 

While I miss the companionship of our past pets, the timing and circumstances in our lives are unsettled enough that I would feel irresponsible acquiring another pet to meet MY emotional needs but not be able to properly reciprocate the care and love. 

For now we can live vicariously through our family and friends’ special creatures. 


Special exception: maybe a gold fish? 🐟 


However, I think they are literally one step up from my potted plants… and fish aren’t too cuddly. 

Live your best life with another creature!

I want to see your furry friends….please no SNAKES, though, lol


Send us your pet pics and we will tag you and share them! 

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