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Drs. May and Tim Hindmarsh of BS Free MD

Dual physician MDs practicing over 30 years 🩺

Drs. Tim and May Hindmarsh, hosts of the BS FREE MD podcast, are experienced family practice physicians with over 30 years in small-town practice, covering a wide range of medical roles. They've recently moved to Bradenton, Florida, where Tim works in Urgent Care while May is semi-retired.


Their podcast touches on all aspects of health—physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. They focus on challenging traditional medical training and are keen to call out harmful practices in medicine.


With their background in family practice, hospital medicine, and urgent care, they bring a wealth of experience to their discussions on work/life balance, and the 4 F's: Faith, Family, Finances, Fun. Their journey includes over 30 years of marriage, migrating from Canada to Oregon, and now Florida, where they continue to share their lively and honest insights into healthcare.

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Guest Appearances

NonClinical Physicians: Dr. John Jurica

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Feb 2022: Perspectives On Healthcare

Jan 2021 : Doctors Unbound

Authentic, Contrarian, and BS FREE


The Meaning of Your Life

April 2022: The Voices of Many Podcast

Marriage Is Like a Story

2022 July: FIT RX

June 2022:  Speechless: The Medical Comedy Podcast

2022 July: Avoid The Maze with Karen Hale

2023 Feb: Fearless Freedom

Speaking The Truth

2023 Nov: Checkable Health

2023 Dec: The Physician's Guide to Doctoring

2024 Feb: Informed Dissent


2024 Feb: Designed to Heal

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