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BS Free MD

Looking for speakers who can bring energy, wit, and a hefty dose of reality to your event? Drs. Tim and May Hindmarsh are your perfect picks! With OVER 30 years of medical madness to share, they do it with flair, keeping audiences hooked from start to finish.

Speaking Topics:

  • Informed Consent: Why it matters and how to navigate it in today’s medical landscape.

  • COVID-19: The inside scoop on treatments, vaccination debates, and the era of COVID tyranny.

  • Big Pharma: Exposing the truth about pharmaceutical giants and their grip on healthcare.

  • Training to Lose: What’s the difference between trying and training? Tim and May break it down. You can try a million different things once, or train yourself to carry out a few simple tasks a million times until they become second nature. It's about commitment, consistency, and turning healthy choices into daily habits. Tim shares his personal journey of getting into medical school by training himself to study and stay focused, proving that with the right mindset, you can achieve your goals.

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