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The Age of Unreason—a world unmoored from objective truth!

I am stunned daily by the pure irrationality of the world we live in. From men menstruating to now referring to women as “people with vaginas,” we live in a world where common sense has been nailed to a woke cross. 


Where did this come from? 


Did it happen by accident? I believe the age of unreason happened for very specific reasons. I shall outline them below. 

1. The rise of moral relativism. Over the last 50+ years, we have moved from the “pursuit of  truth to pursue YOUR truth.”If truth is relative and there are 9 billion “truths” out there then what are we anchoring reason to? 

The answer is nothing. Math allows us to build airplanes, bridges, and computers. It allows these technical marvels to occur not by magic, but because it is true. 


Objectively true. 


An airplane does not care how you feel or if you got your soy latte this morning.It flies based on technical truths, truths that for most of us resemble magic. The fact that moral relativism has crept into science and medicine is particularly upsetting. 


Math is now somehow racist and how an 8 year old feels will determine if we chemically try to arrest puberty. 


This is madness! Madness that only is possible when we decouple ourselves from reason. 

2. Spiritual unmooring. Most people forget that Judeo-Christian values are a prerequisite for the scientific method. 


The concept that God is reasonable and we should therefore be able to figure out how he built the universe is the foundation on which science is built. 

It sounds counterintuitive to most to think that we need religion to actually do science but it is actually obvious. 


I believe that everyone, even the most staunch atheist, has a faith: a set of unseen rules that govern their life. 


Saying ‘I believe there is no God and everything is random and meaningless’ is a statement of faith. 


‘I believe Jesus is the Son of God sent to save humanity’ is also a statement of faith. It is not whether one has faith, but what faith does a person have and is it a faith worth trusting. 


Superstitious faiths such as Paganism and corrupted Christianity (think witch trials) all produce an age of unreason.  

3. Instant gratification. Nothing can produce a deeper sense of meaninglessness then having our wants and desires instantly gratified with no effort.I call this the “pornifacation” of society. 


Mating used to take effort. 


Men had to have games and women put in effort  to make themselves desirable. 


Men and women are now just a few clicks away from having their sexual desires met, alone and instantly. This is a disaster. Online porn, the birth control pill, and the sexual revolution of 60 years ago are now coming home to roost. 


The uncoupling of sex, marriage, and children literally leads to an extinction level event. 


In addition to that, the ever increasing trend driven by selfish fantasy is to proclaim not needing to have families with children. 


Here we continue to strip away another lynch pin of meaning away from our society. 


Family is the foundation of any society. 


Destroy that and very soon the whole house will come falling down. 


Painless dopamine hits, via social media, processed food, sugar, alcohol, drugs, etc., are a one way ticket to addiction. 


Mating is supposed to be a challenge, exercise is supposed to be painful. 


Life is by definition hard. Don’t make it harder by pretending there is a short cut. 


There’s not. 

A meaningful life will be a painful and difficult one, but it will be worth it. 


The alternative is meaninglessness. Ouch.


In this age of unreason a very curious thing is happening. 


Spiritual awakening. 


It is truly amazing. 


I find Russell Brand’s spiritual journey especially fascinating. 


When confronted with the meaningless of hedonism, a significant amount of suffering and the profound experience of being a parent, he eventually converted to Christianity. 


To hear him speak of his experience is truly inspiring. 


Whether you agree with him or not is really not the point. He is (I think) being very honest and that alone is worth a listen. 


I believe spiritual awakenings like Russell Brand’s are what is going to wake us from our drunken slumber of unreason. 


Sobering up may be uncomfortable, but it's the only alternative to oblivion— and we could all use a lot less of THAT “O” word!

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